Wednesday, November 08, 2006

After the Fall

Many years have I still to burn, detained,
like a candle-flame on this body; but I enclose
blue shadow within me, a presence which lives contained
in my flame of living, the invisible heart of the rose.

So through these days, while I burn on the fuel of life,
what matter the stuff I lick up in my daily flame;
Seeing the core is a shadow inviolate,
a darkness that dreams my dream for me, ever the same…

Now it is autumn and the falling fruit
and the long journey towards oblivion.
The apples falling like great drops of dew
to bruise themselves an exit from themselves…

And it is time to go, to bid farewell
to one’s own self, find an exit
from the fallen self…

But dipped, once dipped in dark oblivion
the soul has peace, inward and lovely peace.

--from D.H. Lawrence

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